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'O ye that stand upon the brink,

Whom I so near me through the chink

With wonder see: what faces there,

Whose feet, whose bodies, do ye wear?

  I my companions see

  In you, another me.

They seeméd others, but are we;

Our second selves these shadows be.'

                  - Thomas Traherne, Shadows In the Water


   From shadow to shade, we shall explore the history of cast darkness and how this presence - predominantly perceived as visual - can colour in shadowy undertones the mood, atmosphere and colour of our work. What might 'shaded' vowels look like? How can we cast shadows in and through our writing. Could there be a pure language of shadow. Drawing on and from 'In Praise of Shadows' by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, 'The Poetics of Space' by Gaston Bachelard and John Hollander's 'Substance of Shadow: A Darkening Trope in Poetic History' we will track what shadow is and how it is cast in our work.


This is a three week online course. When you choose to buy this course, we will contact you after purchase to arrange a time to begin which suits you. You can choose between annotated responses to your poems sent to you via email, or live discussion via google hangouts (a gmail email is free and easy to sign up for).

A Poetry of Shadow

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