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Mentoring with Dr. Kirsten Norrie

A mentor can be defined as a "wise adviser, intimate friend who also is a sage counsellor," especially to one who is young or inexperienced, 1750, from Greek Mentor, in the Odyssey" the name of the friend of Odysseus and adviser of Telemachus (but often actually Athene appearing in disguise). The name perhaps ultimately means "adviser," because in form it is an agent noun of mentos "intent, purpose, spirit, passion" from PIE *mon-eyo- (source also of Sanskrit man-tar-"one who thinks," Latin mon-i-tor "one who admonishes"), causative form of root *men- (1) "to think" [Watkins].

Should you like the discrete friendship and wisdom of a poet who has carefully trodden the obscure paths of making, placing and enhancing your poetry in the inner and outer world, then please consider the OSP as a good home for your work to flourish in. Working twice monthly across a year, a mentorship can bring hidden seeds to fruition, enlighten obscure areas of your voice and craft, build a certain assurance in confronting the worlds of publication and promotion. 


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