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Three Poems by Anne Maguire

Updated: Mar 1

A retired engineer, Anne worked in construction project management and estate planning for over thirty years; mainly in the public sector. She feeds her soul with poetry and enjoys writing, reading, and learning new skills. Having completed an Open University degree years ago, Anne is now widening her writing repertoire. Reading is a necessity, not a hobby, and crime is a favourite.


First published in Sarasvati Magazine  

I want - wish - yearn? - 

to be seen and represented.

I am not thin, or young.

My hair is grey, my clothes 

are comfortable - like my shoes.

I do not recognise myself

out there - but in here,

I hunger to be seen.

NOT ALL MOTHER’S First published in Sarasvati Magazine  


I hold her hand,

long moments.

Not shaken off,

not dismissed.


The tears fall

But no head shake,

no long look

of disgust.


She never showed emotion

Although I tried

The longest I held her

Was after she’d died.



How to explain what I’m feeling -

the loss, the numbness, the pain,

mixed up, fouled up, emotions

struggling to understand, to regain

my equilibrium, under pressure,

get back to an even keel,

trying to work through the crazy

to find a calm, safe place to heal.

She wasn’t my real blood mother,

but a friend, a family I chose,

but with the hurt, the loss I am feeling,

So far nothing else has even come close.


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