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The Oxford School of Poetry was initiated in 2018 to address how a philosophy of poetic being and presence might be taught online. Based on the traditional Oxbridge one-on-one model, the OSP offers intensive courses to immerse, radicalise and refresh poetic instincts that are inherent within us all. The OSP ethos is based on the 'democratic intellect', focussing on inspiring, integrated and holistic teaching. As such, you will find an emphasis on locating the poetic, as much as on writing poetry. Our tutors are unique in their experience and presence but so too is each writer who comes to us, which is why all of our courses are designed to bring out the resourceful, the imaginative and the inventive within each individual. Online teaching is rigorous & you will be given a reading list to enhance each course. In 2019 we published the first OSP Review to showcase writers' work. In 2023 we celebrated our fifth anniversary by expanding into fiction & non-fiction.

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