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'Rose is a rose is a rose' - Gertrude Stein, 'Sacred Emily'.


The spiritual power of Sufi roses will perfume our initial exploration into how roses have been grown, handled and cut within the history of poetry. We will then pluck the roses of the Romantics and Robert Burns, Gertrude Stein and Christina Rossetti. Their presence as scented essence, erotic bouquet and sharpened thorn will guide and hone our own poems to the rose's burning fire. 


This is a three week course. When you choose to buy this course, please contact us after purchase to arrange a time to begin which suits you: The first assignment is immediately available to you as a PDF and you can choose between annotated responses to your poems sent to you via email or live discussion via google hangouts.


(Painting by Cairine MacGillivray)

Poetry for the Rose

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