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'Once upon a time there was a form that wasn't a form; perhaps it was a tribe.' - Dick Higgins, Pattern Poetry, Guide to an Unknown Literature.


   The obscure tradition of pattern poetry is uncovered in this course that traverses, week by week, Elizabethan sigils, acrostics, labyrinths, rebuses and sound poems. How has concrete poetry evolved from early insignia? What are the attendant suggestions of secret movements, inscriptions and encoded languages that are often associated with pattern poetry and why is this type of lettering, mark making and sign creating still relatively obscure? How can we create our own language of pattern poetry?


This is a three week course. When you choose to buy this course, please contact us after purchase to arrange a time to begin which suits you: The first assignment is immediately available to you as a PDF and you can choose between annotated responses to your poems sent to you via email or live discussion via google hangouts.



Pattern Poetry

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