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'The wanderer’s eye could barely view 

The summer heaven’s delicious blue; 

So wondrous wild, the whole might seem 

The scenery of a fairy dream . . . '


- Sir Walter Scott, 'The Lady of the Lake'.

   From Thomas the Rhymer to Andrew Lang, we will be passing through the fairy portals of Scottish Lowland and Highland poetry to encounter sprites, elves and the sìthean. Did the Reverend Robert Kirk, author of 'The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Faunes and Fairies' really disappear into a fairy mound? What is the Highland 'Sluagh' or wind of folk? Who was the lady on the white horse Thomas encountered at Eildon? Join us for a faerie summoning. 

This is a three week course. When you choose to buy this course, please contact us after purchase to arrange a time to begin which suits you: The first assignment is immediately available to you as a PDF and you can choose between annotated responses to your poems sent to you via email or live discussion via google hangouts.

Fairy Poetry of Scotland

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