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Two Poems by Eliza O'Toole

Updated: Mar 1

Eliza O'Toole is an emerging East Anglian poet. Her poems have been published in Shearsman Magazine, Tears in the Fence, The Rialto, and Fenland Poetry Journal.  Muscaliet Press published her first pamphlet, The Dropping of Petals, in 2021. Forthcomings are a diptych of pamphlets: Writelinge - I send you blue and The Formation of Abscission Layers also from Muscaliet Press. Her first collection, A Cranic of Ordinaries, will be published by Shearsman in 2024. She was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Environmental Poet of the Year 2023/24 for her pamphlet The Unpinning of Moths. She nurtures more-than-human companions,  grows wild flowers, and is a moth(er). SLIP FACE

it was a stone & then it was an abstraction of standing

it was the flaking of flint & the sparks lit by it it was the skin thin with it stretched over & particulate

it was wind brimming & it was hard silicious driving rain inarticulate

it was the land & then it was an abstraction of property

it was the movement of glaciers & then

when the mountain intervened it was sand


A fletch, a call of fox, lambs ululating, a curve

a circle declined, a Crow moon

a fall, three stars aligned. Jupiter inclined the Plough dissected. A nebula catched,

stretched a finger, a nail, a bone, an ell, a bow, a cubital rest,

slant-jointed, drawn aversus tip to wrist

hatched, prone, low strung & sloped,

eln-latched cubitus

leaning, bent of bow, unhinged,

forearmed & flung, the ulna of the owl.


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