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Trace by Charlie Crossland

Updated: Mar 1

Charlotte Crossland is a writer and poet living in the South Downs with her young family. She also works as an anaesthetist and has studied for an MA in modern languages as well as a degree and postgraduate studies in medical education. She loves sea swimming, watching the birds and playing the piano, and finds her writing gravitating towards themes of the body, nature and transcendence. Charlotte has had poetry published in Eunoia Review.



I’m here,

a blade between

longing and belonging,

seeping into your feet at noon,

then - softly - hauling you towards the night.

Could I shake loose, drink skies once more,

fly with the sea swallow?

Or stay here, cast,


an eavesdropper,

to your bright forms, sculptures

touching toes. You love light on water,

dancing shapes, dense bodies humming life, but 

miss the depth, the boundless black that

echoes from you. I’m so

much more than an



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