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The Untamed Mind by Anne Maguire

A retired engineer, Anne Maguire worked in construction project management and estate planning for over 30 years; mainly in the public sector. She feeds her soul with poetry and enjoys writing, reading, and learning new skills. Having completed an Open University degree many years ago, Anne is now following various MOOC’s and widening her writing repertoire.

The Untamed Mind

Where the mind, untamed, might go

in pale light brings curious effects;

silence flits across deep water breaths.

Ripples like secret wings flitting 

inaudibly across the still air above 

pools giving pause for contemplation.

Watching the world from a good way,

mutely gazing as meditation stammers

Where might the mind go, untamed?

Unstirred, unhurried, unfathomable

light dancing, moving quietly,

across the untamed mind.


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