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Two Poems by Emilie Bilman

Dr. Emily Bilman is a widely published and anthologised author of poetry, literary essays and short stories. Her PhD dissertation, The Psychodynamics of Poetry, was published by Lambert Academic in 2010. Slatkine & amp; Cie published La rivière de soi (2010) in Geneva, CH. Modern Ekphrasis (2013) came out with Peter Lang Academic, CH. Her other poetry books, A Woman by A Well (2015), Resilience (2015), The Threshold of Broken Waters (2018), Apperception (2020) and The Undertow (2023), were all published in the UK by Troubador Books. Her sonnet 'Pathfinder' is scheduled to arrive on the moon’s southern pole via a NASA time-capsule in 2024 and is published in The Polaris Trilogy, edited by J. Brinkman, J. Heithaus, J. Reed, B. Harris (Brick Street Poetry Inc., 2023), p.4.



The seeded sky impregnated the rainclouds.

She breathed in the musk-filled petrichor

and felt the disentangled shadows clarify

her projections built by her breaths as if


she were unravelling her dishevelled hair.

She had felt fractured and turned

her back to her darkened shadow-self

as the sun-glare reached its zenith


over the lichen-valley. As she moved

away from her shadow, the purified flare

of creased leaves near the elms


clarified her sight. She gradually grew

receptive to the immediacy of passion.

Attuned to her heartbeat, she felt alive.


like the magnolia pistils,

white against the window

in the early autumn light,

poise is the secret that keeps

the stars in their right place –

like the magnolia’s stigma, I discern the porcelain flower-pot

and the pale petal on the open page and keep his heart in mine –

pliant and poised.


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