Poet-psychogeographer Niall McDevitt explores the Surrey-side trails of the two rebels par excellence of the Western canon.
   Rimbaud lived in Waterloo in 1874. Blake lived in Lambeth from 1790-1800. McDevitt points out the landmarks that would have been visible to the poets and sees the eerie connections between their works.
   The big question is whether Rimbaud had heard of Blake, seen a Book by Blake, or even read Blake. McDevitt has a unique hypothesis. The eco-immersive route will take in the green spaces of Waterloo and Lambeth such as St Johns Garden, the Millennium Garden, The William Blake Estate, as well as the riverside itself. 
Meeting 2pm on Blackfriars Bridge by the southern end. The walk will last approx. two hours and finish in Waterloo. £10. Info: 07722163823

Poetry Walk London: Sunday 5th August 2pm, 2018