Poet Niall McDevitt tells the widely known but little appreciated story of Emilia Bassano, Shakespeare’s lifelong muse, and – as Emilia Lanier – the first woman to publish a full collection of original poetry in England. 
   In the heart of London's East End McDevitt will evoke the world of Emilia and her contemporaries in the Elizabethan Renaissance. 
   He will explore what we know of Lanier’s relationship with Shakespeare, how her influence can be pinpointed from the earliest to the final plays, the clues in the sonnets as to her identity, and how she was ‘discovered’ in the 1970s by the maverick Elizabethan scholar AL Rowse. 
   Scheduled to coincide with the premiere of Emilia, a new play at Shakespeare's Globe, McDevitt's walk finds the golden mean between the feminist scholars who refute the Shakespeare connection and the anti-Stratfordians who claim Emilia wrote Shakespeare. 
Meeting outside Tower Hill tube station by the statue of Trajan at 2pm. The walk will last approx. two hours and finish at Shoreditch station or Old Street tube. £10. Info: 07722163823

Poetry Walk London: Sat 11th August 2pm, 2018