Poet Niall McDevitt conducts a unique walking tour of Hampstead assessing the village's contribution to English and world poetry. 
   The main site of the pilgrimage will be an off-the-beaten-track farmhouse where the sixty-something Blake regularly visited his patron John Linnel but - in a dramatic letter - turned down an offer to live there rent-free. The elderly Blake is contrasted with the childhood Hopkins who grew up in leafy Oak Hill. En route there will be fascinating encounters with revolutionaries, mystics, anarchists and at least two consumptives from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Sun 8th July meeting outside Hampstead tube station at 2pm. The walk will finish at approx 4.15pm in Hampstead. Info: 07722163823

Poetry Walk: London Sun 8th July at 2pm, 2018